Men's Health -Optimal Living Course

When it comes to men’s health care issues, there is a lot of information around, but very few authoritative sources.
Usually when someone talks about men and their bodies, they talk about big muscles, getting ripped, and getting women. There might be some people who want that, but the vast majority of my patients & clients want to understand how to achieve optimal health.
What is optimal health?
  • Healthy body weight – Getting in shape without trying to be Mr. Universe
  • Heart health – Lowering cholesterol and blood pressure without prescriptions
  • Taking supplements – Knowing which supplements work and which to skip
  • Reducing inflammation – Preventing pain in joints and illnesses caused by cellular damage
  • Better sleep – Understanding how to sleep well so you can be alert and active
  • Improving gut health – A strong immune system and easy digestion are based on healthy eating and probiotics
  • Stress management – Managing your responses so that they don’t manage you
  • Hair loss – Learning the reasons for and prevention of this common problem
  • Erectile dysfunction – Why you are struggling with something you couldn’t stop for decades
All of these and many more men’s health issues are covered in my course, The Optimal Living Program. It’s all about mind and body health leading you to optimal energy, fitness, stamina, performance, and longevity.
2,300 men have already joined the program, each getting the information they need to get healthy and stay healthy.
I tell every man that I want them to “Create Their Zen.” This means achieving a perfect balance between the body, the mind, and the spirit. When you have them in balance, you will feel like you have never felt before.
This entire course is based in medical science and the latest medical health information. It’s not about fads or the latest hot supplement – my men’s health course is tried and true health information.
Mitchel Schwindt, M.D.
Physician, Creator of Men’s Health-Optimal Living Course, Healthy Living Expert
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The course is designed to be more than simply information. It has been designed to be useful everywhere you go. This is about solving the problems that concern you the most.

“It's amazing how much Dr. Mitchel covers in this course.  We majority of men often neglect our health, or just take care of it symptomatically; even when we visit doctors only a specific issue is addressed.  I highly recommend this course, if you re really want a holistic approach, go for this course.  Thank you for making this course Dr. Mitchel.” 

Sundar - "Superb Course"

"This course is very informative with some great nuggest on optimizing one's health. Found the supplementary materials useful too. Thanks Mitchel."

Mason Corey ' "Health Is Wealth"

"I found this course online while researching some issues related to men's health and instantly gifted it to my husband.  Some important suggestons have improved my husband's health and we are really grateful to you for the right guidance."

Alice N. - "A Great Gift"


Men Are Not Women – This is health information just for men

Much of the health news is for women. That’s great, but not terribly useful if you are ‘from Mars.’ Men have unique health concerns that require unique answers. This course gives you the tools and knowledge to take control of your health. Every guy wants to look good and feel great. This is the course that will get you there.

Facts, Not Fiction – A course based on what science really say

Sorry, but much of the advice your get about men’s health is from the people trying to sell you this supplement or that pill. The Men’s Health-Optimal Living Course is based in science. Everything that Dr. Schwindt shares is based in the latest research, not the profit motive of some pharmaceutical company, vitamin manufacturer, or exercise equipment maker.

You need unbiased and fair advice to keep your man’s body healthy and powerful. Nowhere else will you find this much advice, this much knowledge in one place. Don’t flip through magazines looking for what works. Dr. Schwindt has gathered everything you need to know.

All of this for less cash than a single appointment at your doctor’s office.

A Word From The Instructor

“My life’s mission is to help as many people as possible achieve optimal health. Truly perfect health is the balance between body, mind, and spirit. You can’t achieve this balance until you have great physical health.

This isn’t about ‘feeling okay,’ or ‘doing fine.’ This is about OUTSTANDING health. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you will see someone who feels awesome, thinks clearly, and has the strength and power to really enjoy life.

I will make sure you have the latest information, the most effective strategies, and honest information about all of your health questions.

Although I have decades of experience as a doctor, I will be your guide and coach. This is not a doctor-patient relationship, this is an interactive educational course where you’ll get the knowledge and tools and learn about your health so you can take control of it.
You will learn the Zen-like balance of body-mind-spirit that you need to be the strongest, healthiest YOU.”
 Dr. Mitchel Schwindt
Medical Doctor, Health Advocate, Triathlete